[Fashion] Just Jinny Miranda Bag

Just Jinny is a line which focuses on shoes & accessories created by a famous local designer studio known as Jinny Kim Design studio. Just Jinny's latest series, the Miranda tote+shoulder bag; showcases a simple, modern & minimal design, highlighted with a simple ribbon on its handle as a finishing point! It comes in 4 colors Black,… Continue reading [Fashion] Just Jinny Miranda Bag


[Skincare] Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

I am paranoid about my pores... like all the time. Is it just me? Anyone else can relate to this paranoia? Therefore, if i see any new pore related products, I would definitely purchase and try it out. This product came in a huge packaging. It caught my eye almost immediately when i walked into… Continue reading [Skincare] Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser


[Fashion] Thank You. Studios for CLOI Watch

Even up to a decade ago, people didn't take pets as their companions seriously, especially in Korea. Due to the changed lifestyle, more and more people find comfort and companionship in them leading to a healthy appreciation towards those four-legged darlings. Hence, many companies such as 'Thank You. Studios' started creating services that can capture… Continue reading [Fashion] Thank You. Studios for CLOI Watch

fashion · handbags

[Fashion] Under82 Alice Shinning Pouch Series

Don't the sight of this remind you of beautiful mermaids under the sea? Designed by a famous local designer,  Yoon Chun Ho and branded as Under82, their concept for this summer is to use sequins to bring out the shimmer and shine from within. Targeting females in their 20's & 30's, the designer aims for… Continue reading [Fashion] Under82 Alice Shinning Pouch Series

Cosmetics · Eye shadow · Nature Republic

[Cosmetics] Nature Republic: Color Master Shadow Pallete

Nature Republic newly released a Shadow Pallete Set which contains 30 eyeshadow colors!! And even in Korea, it was out of stock for a while but now they are re-stocking. The best part is that it comes in a small size (a size of a CD) where it fits your palm so you can carry… Continue reading [Cosmetics] Nature Republic: Color Master Shadow Pallete

Bath & body

[Bath&Body] La Perle aka Brightening Pearl Stone Soap

La Perle sounds like a french name. But it's common for most Asian Countries to name their product in french to sound more sophisticated. So yea, it's still made in Korea. The actual question is, why is this product out of stock most of the time? Apparently this soap works like a wonder ball according… Continue reading [Bath&Body] La Perle aka Brightening Pearl Stone Soap