[Cosmetics] Sikmulnara’s Pippi Long Stockings Limited Edition Sun Cushion

Many may not have heard of Sikmulnara [식물나라], but I’m very sure that a lot of K-Cosmetics fans out there have heard of Olive Young before. Sikmulnara (direct translation : plant’s country) is a brand created by Olive Young and although it is not as famous as many shop brands out there, the quality of their products are acknowledged by the locals here in 🇰🇷.

Olive Young is collaborating with Pippi Long Stockings on their Sun products. What I’ll introduce here today is their Sun Cushion. Why? Hurm, let’s say that I was fascinated with their packaging. [A little over-designed as the cushion itself is way smaller than the original box!]


It’s called Oxygen Water Tone Up Cushion. It functions by toning up your skin as according to your skin condition. With SPF50 PA+++ ,  it can function as a super barrier to protect from ultraviolet rays. This range has 4 types of cushion.






This fair white cushion will definitely keep your face looking fair & white. This is a must have for any girl who wants to look fairer!



This lively peach tinted cushion will provide a peachy glow on your skin , a must have for those with pale skin looking to achieve a natural sun-kissed look.



This particular cushion works like magic for those who have uneven red blemishes on their skin. The green tone will even up the redness, resulting in a balanced skin tone.



Lastly, the anti-dull purple cushion will brighten up any dull skin tone by giving your skin a healthy glow.


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