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[Bath&Body] La Perle aka Brightening Pearl Stone Soap


La Perle sounds like a french name. But it’s common for most Asian Countries to name their product in french to sound more sophisticated. So yea, it’s still made in Korea. The actual question is, why is this product out of stock most of the time?

Apparently this soap works like a wonder ball according to the locals here,  eliminating all sweaty smells. If you know Korean culture well, most Koreans are very sensitive about how they look… and how they smell.

If you have sensitive skin, don’t worry as most of their ingredients are organic. This is perfect as it is proven to have moisturizing properties, preventing the skin from drying up. It also comes with brightening & calming properties, helping to clear up dull and blemished skin.

La Perle comes in 6 types of fragrance:

Peach Stone


Sky Stone


Pink Stone


Purple Stone


White Stone


Black Stone


This is the perfect product for those who don’t enjoy using perfume but still wanna smell nice.


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