[Skincare] Shingmulnara Peppermint Watery Gel Cream

It’s hot and humid lately and during this time of the year, I will search high and low for light creams, which won’t make me feel like I splattered butter all over my face.


Then I stumbled upon this Peppermint Watery Gel Cream. The word watery is what caught my attention in the first place. (Btw, for Korean Products, the word watery means very light, not watery where it will run down your face.)


This particular product has three promising points:-

1. Light and refreshing texture
Being transparent and light, this product pumps loads of moisture in to keep the skin feeling refreshed. It coats the skin with a moisturizing layer, and helps to reduce the oil.

2. Pores & Sebum Control
The clear and cool peppermint extract and pore tightening ingredients will help to clear and tighten the pores. It also helps to control excessive sebum production which causes whiteheads.

3. Free from Benzyl alcohol, Clorphenesin, Paraben or any Artificial coloring
With none of these chemicals, this product is gentle and is safe for the skin.

It is recommended for people who:
– have dry skin
– have troubles with pores and white heads
– looking for a hydrating cream
– looking for a light day cream



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