[Fashion] Thank You. Studios for CLOI Watch

Even up to a decade ago, people didn’t take pets as their companions seriously, especially in Korea. Due to the changed lifestyle, more and more people find comfort and companionship in them leading to a healthy appreciation towards those four-legged darlings.


Hence, many companies such as ‘Thank You. Studios’ started creating services that can capture the beautiful memories between humans and their pets. As a professional photo studio specializing on animals, they also have collaborations with other companies to create significant products for consumers.


Today, we would like to introduce their collaboration with a local designer watch brand, CLOI. Designed by designer OHAEJMIK (read backwards, KIM JAE HO), these watches are based on the significant time spent between man and their best friend. Being different from the regular watches, they want to emphasize that time man spends with their pets is momentous.

In this post, we will first introduce the Men’s Watches:

1) Stay With Me

  • Not having numbers in the original place might be confusing, but the designer wants to emphasize on the important moments spent with our pets and how it is  extraordinary and different from the norm.




2) Take With Me

  • Instead of numbers, the designer replaced it with words that are frequently used during that hour of time, showing interaction between the owners and their pets.



Material: Genuine Leather strap

Size: Body 38mm, Band 18mm, Length 230mm

Weight: 120g




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