[Skincare] Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

I am paranoid about my pores… like all the time. Is it just me? Anyone else can relate to this paranoia? Therefore, if i see any new pore related products, I would definitely purchase and try it out.

This product came in a huge packaging. It caught my eye almost immediately when i walked into Olive Young. They are currently having a promotion where they are giving out a pore brush together with the product itself.



The star ingredient of this product is Canadian colloidal clay which detoxifies, exfoliates and minimizes the pores all at once! The clay will deep cleanse your pores and if you have dry skin and are afraid that the clay will dry up your skin, fear not! This product is rich in marine oil and natural minerals, keeping your skin hydrated all the time.

It’s suitable for oily to combination skin type. It is also recommended to use alternately with your cleanser routine twice or three times a week for best results!


And do you know what’s the best part of it? The clay will react with the air and turn to foam as you massage it on your face, leaving a tingly feeling. Weird, but at the same time it feels like they’re having a mini cleaning party on your face. Wohoo~


Finally wash it of with the brush given for better results as it claimed that it will provide better synergy.


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