[Fashion] Just Jinny Miranda Bag

Just Jinny is a line which focuses on shoes & accessories created by a famous local designer studio known as Jinny Kim Design studio.


Just Jinny’s latest series, the Miranda tote+shoulder bag; showcases a simple, modern & minimal design, highlighted with a simple ribbon on its handle as a finishing point! It comes in 4 colors Black, Beige, Grey & Blue.



Don’t you think the shape is so simple, yet so adorable?


Inspired by LalaLand’s background setting, this 17SS collection with the title of ‘Rythmic Romance’ wants to express LA’s romantic mood in a modern way and gives the consumer the option to enrich their lives with easy luxury items. After hearing this, no wonder it gives out the feeling of the main female lead’s personality with you when you carry this handbag around. Simple, yet BOLD & full of character.

Having horizontal, vertical & depth of 23, 18, 9cm , it’s just the right size when you hold it with you hands. You can also say this is the ultimate size for a handbag.

The inner part is divided into two parts and have many storage compartments. Just a daily bag where you can fit all your makeup, phone & your wallet inside!


Since it’s made of artificial leather, this bag is super low  maintenance. (I guess it’s made for lazy people who wants to look good with minimum effort, just like me.) Accidentally spilled a drink or was caught in a downpour? You can just conveniently wipe it dry easily.

Our favorite color? Beige!

For those who are torn between monotonous colors and bright colors, Beige is the comfortable choice and fits just right for you to carry around everyday.

Just imagine pairing the Miranda Beige with a simple black dress, and a pair of black heels makes us wanna squirm in delight!

For a limited of time, you can try to get it for half of the price from us!! Not sure when will this offer last, but grab it before it’s gone!

* There goes Ashley’s Credit Card bill next month * ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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