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[Fashion]FindKapoor_Pingo Bag

This summer , where this Korean traditional pouch ‘bokjori ‘  basic concept is dominating the whole trend. As introduced in previous posts, Holly holly’s JoriBag & Under 82’s Alice shinning pouch is also  following this trend.

Find Kapoor, is also another local trend follower too.  Who could fail to be charmed by this Pingo series bag?  Today we will introduce ‘Pingo” Series by ‘Find Kapoor’. Among these bokjori, this  has one of the most sensational hit right now, getting attention from all Korean fashionista.



Ashley had an eye on this bag since early of June. And when I asked what she wants for her birthday , without any hesitation, she asked us to buy her this Pingo bag. [ Yea, some other friends and I did get her one in the end]

At first, i dint realized it was that famous until i saw a few other people who are holding this bag on the street.

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Another reason for this bag to be famous is because , it doesn’t dies out on trend. Due to the shape, it can fit in a lot of stuff and yet it is still very light. It can be styled differently, as it can be used as a clutch , a cross bag or a shoulder bag. It can be shaped into different shape too according how you want to wear it :- turn it into a square clutch or just a open wide shoulder bag~





Furthermore, you can change the straps  to match your daily look

There are so many choices fort the straps!!!!!!!!!



Studs or without studs too!



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