Atelier Park X Vleeda · fashion · handbags · Limited edition

[Fashion] Atelier Park X Vleeda 4-Way Pie Bag

Another great collaboration that shouldn’t be missed! The very first collaboration by Atelier Park, a designer who always uses a simple but witty design with VLEEDA, a local designer which is famous for creating artwork for female clothing lines.


These two designers gifts us with an amazing product, known as the 4-way pie bag!

Small and cute, with the addition of a feminine touch highlighted by the detail of ripples on the side! You won’t easily find this design anywhere else. Furthermore, with a very well-matched color combination, don’t you feel good just by looking at it?

And this series comes in 4 colors!

a) Burgundy


b) Yellow green


c) Ivory/print


d) Red mint


Why is it called 4-way? It’s because you can carry it out in 4 kinds of ways!!!! They also come with two types of straps.

a) Clutch Bag

b) Shoulder bag

c) Belt bag

d) Chain bag

If you missed this chance, you might not able to meet these darlings anymore! So, don’t you think you should get your hands on it before it’s too late?



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