About me!

9 years back, I never imagined that I would actually spend 1/3 of my life in South Korea. Being stuck in between two worlds, my current & past, I am both & neither one of them. Knowing both cultures so well, I can’t just abandon one for the other as both cultures are a part of me now.

Thanks to my South Korean roommate of 6 years, she is the one who inspired me to start this. I don’t think that there are many foreigners who have been living with a South Korean for such a long period. (In fact, people with the same nationality even have difficulty getting along for such a long time)

To start with, we are pretty much opposites of each other. I guess that’s why they say opposites attract? (Works for same gender too, i suppose?) I like to socialise, she – not so much . I like simple fashion, she likes colorful & extravagant stuff. I love sports, she hates to sweat… and the list goes on.

She works in the fashion industry, thus she will be the one who provides the latest trend insights for this blog, and I will write about them and share it with world. (I think she’s trying to brainwash me to like fancy stuff.) Me on the other hand, love everything else… especially food. Interested in the stuff I have posted in the cosmetics & fashion column but it’s not available in your country? Drop us a comment, we’ll see if we can get it delivered from here.

So drop by if you’re interested in South Korea’s latest trend updates or just to hear another ordinary story of a foreigner resident & her roommate’s daily life.