[Cosmetic]I’m Meme_I’m Shading Palette

Many people have eye shadow palettes, but have many have a shading palettes? Introducing I'm Shadowing Palettes, by  Meme Box, bring you a cream type of shadow     It doesn't just limit to your face! You can apply it on your collar neck and other parts of your body too to create a slimmer… Continue reading [Cosmetic]I’m Meme_I’m Shading Palette


[Cosmetic]Cosrx_One Step Series

It's easy to look fresh if you just put on makeup in the early of the day . But usually during somewhere  middle of the day , our faces usually starts to get oily  . During a important meeting or if you really want to impress someone, imagine all the hassle that you have to… Continue reading [Cosmetic]Cosrx_One Step Series

Cosmetics · Eye shadow · Nature Republic

[Cosmetics] Nature Republic: Color Master Shadow Pallete

Nature Republic newly released a Shadow Pallete Set which contains 30 eyeshadow colors!! And even in Korea, it was out of stock for a while but now they are re-stocking. The best part is that it comes in a small size (a size of a CD) where it fits your palm so you can carry… Continue reading [Cosmetics] Nature Republic: Color Master Shadow Pallete

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[Cosmetics] PeriPera Travel Limited Edition

Summer vacation is around the corner and boy, can't wait to pack a suitcase for a short break from this stressful city! PeriPera is out with a travel sized cosmetic set, consisting of their 5 best selling items. Just perfect for your summer vacation! These 5 best sellers come in mini size, perfect for travelling or… Continue reading [Cosmetics] PeriPera Travel Limited Edition


[Cosmetics] Sikmulnara’s Pippi Long Stockings Limited Edition Sun Cushion

Many may not have heard of Sikmulnara [식물나라], but I'm very sure that a lot of K-Cosmetics fans out there have heard of Olive Young before. Sikmulnara (direct translation : plant's country) is a brand created by Olive Young and although it is not as famous as many shop brands out there, the quality of… Continue reading [Cosmetics] Sikmulnara’s Pippi Long Stockings Limited Edition Sun Cushion


[Cosmetics] PeriKiki: Peripera Summer Collection

I bet everyone is familiar with Peripera's Lip products. Not only they have a reputation of long-lasting wear, they're also known for unique packaging design. You know it's Peripera when you see them from afar! And know what's even better? Now they are available in cute mascots caps! This Summer, Peripera Airy Ink Velvet &… Continue reading [Cosmetics] PeriKiki: Peripera Summer Collection


[Cosmetics] Etude House Dear Darling WaterGel Tint (Summer Edition)

It's summer and what can be more refreshing than a Popsicle! Even the sight of this cute design makes me feel 2 degrees cooler than the current temperature. It's the same famous 'Darling WaterGel Tint' but just in a new, limited design! One that you are gonna be proud to show off in front of… Continue reading [Cosmetics] Etude House Dear Darling WaterGel Tint (Summer Edition)